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Informācija Ukrainas pilsoņiem par veselības aprūpes pakalpojumiem Latvijā

Information for Ukrainian citizens about health care services in Latvia


All the state funded healthcare services are available to you for free

For information, questions  80001234

(Monday-Thursday 8:30–17:00, Friday – 8:30–15:00, in English and Russian). from foreign phone numbers: +371 67045005

Ministry of Health  www.vm.gov.lv National Health Service  www.vmnvd.gov.lv

IN LIFE-SAVING SITUATION –  emergency medical aid 113 or 112


General practitioner – consultations, prescriptions, referral to a physician–specialist,

for examinations or analyses, vaccines etc. nvd@vmnvd.gov.lv,  80001234.

Doctor on duty – medical consultations, prescriptions, etc., beyond the general practitioner's

business hours. Available in Riga and other larger cities. https://www.vmnvd.gov.lv/lv/ or  80001234.

Specialist of direct access – physician without a referral from the general practitioner: gynaecologist; oculist; paediatrist; children's surgeon; narcologist; dermatovenerologist (in case of sexually transmissive diseases); endocrinologist (in case of diabetes); oncologist, oncologist-chemical therapist (in case of oncologic disease); pneumologist (in case of tuberculosis); psychiatrist or children's psychiatrist (in case of mental illness); infectologist (in case of HIV or close contact with a HIV-infected person. https://www.vm.gov.lv

Urgent medical aid point and hospital admission unit – urgent medical aid – sudden illness, exacerbation of chronic disease or injury. https://www.vmnvd.gov.lv/lv/Kur saņemt medicīnisko palīdzību or  80001234.

General practitioner’s hotline 66016001 – phone consultations in case of a simple illness (minor injuries, scars, cold, fever, vomiting, bruises etc.). Business days 17:00–8:00, weekends, public holidays – 24 h, also in Russian.

Dentistry – state funded for children up to the age of 18, paid service for adults. For information  80001234.

PSYCHOEMOTIONAL SUPPORT – free support services for adults and children https://www.vm.gov.lv

COVID-19 (www.covid19.gov.lv/en) – Testing – in case of Covid-19 symptoms, state pays for laboratory test. No referral is required.  8303 (business days 8:00–18:00, weekends 9:00–14:00).Vaccination – at the general practitioner or  8989 (business days 8:00–20:00; weekends 9:00–18:00). Communication in Latvian, English or Russian. Certificate – not required upon entry in Latvia, for receipt of services and in other cases, passport of a citizen of Ukraine is required. Information – 8989 (business days 8:00–20:00, weekends 9:00– 18:00). About Covid-19 isolation and quarantine  +371 67387661 (business days 9:00–16:00).

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS – prior to receipt of service – passport/visa or permanent residence permit. If no documents are held  80001234. No patient's co-payment (not applicable to paid services – find out in advance).

 Information: Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia